Little Rags are abstract-figurative paintings of small size.

They are called Rags because they are often painted on unconventional canvases, even old rags dirtied by colour stains.

Starting from an informal and casual background I superimpose abstract images or indefinite figures, that interact with the chaos of the background, till I obtain a well-balanced composition: order from disorder.

These images by chance are the experimental side of my work, a research about colour and interaction between sign and surface.


Visitors of my site let me know their deep understanding of my paintings.

"The paintings are the perfect blend of rational, intelligent comment with a finely honed sensitivity to the beauty of chaos. I have painted for more than fifty years, often painfully searching for the vocabulary you seem to effortlessly use here."

"The images while, "by chance" are very beautiful, and you obviously have a good eye to pick out the specific images and showcase them as you are doing."

"Hey, I really enjoyed your little rags adventure. In particular I enjoyed the rags that seem to represent figures in distress. I can see the stance of confusion in many of the figures. Pretty cool stuff."

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